Another video of the talent show!

Year 6 had a great (and slightly chaotic!) time at their final talent show!It was great to see them having fun, getting on with each other and doing some rather strange dance moves!

IMG 1163 from andydewey on Vimeo.

Brean Leisure Park Photos

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Tabula Rasa

Above him sat angry clouds whilst below him lay hundreds and hundreds of miles of empty sand. Rocky animal-like claws seemed to dig out from the ground, dangerously towering over a lone robot. His battered, old feet wearily trudged onward. Falling to his knees, because his own weight wouldn’t hold him, he spotted a form of new life. Cautiously, he put out his hand, quickly removing it with concern when the plant moved. After realising he wouldn’t be hurt, he picked up the moist plant and cradled it in his hand. He began to climb and climb the mountain which housed the sun. One hand on the cliff face the other nursing the greenness. Without warning, his hand slipped and he began to plummet down and down.

My Letter

Dear mum and dad,

Thank you for allowing me to chose where our family will move to. It has been a hard decision accompanied by lots of research but now I have decided to stay here.

Firstly, I have lived here all my life. This means that I enjoy it here, therefore I see no reason to leave. Also, there are plenty of things to do and moving would mean having to re-learn our way around. You wouldn’t like that would you?

Some people say that the weather is bad but I don’t agree. Although lots of people say that the weather would be better in other places, the weather is a nice balance with it getting hot but not too hot in the summer and cold but not too cold in the winter.

Other places are different to Knowle. Some places would be extremely busy, causing us to get lost and/or lose each other.Moreover, we would have to change schools which means that we would have to make new friends.

All in all, the reasons of staying overpower the reasons for going in my opinion. Thank you for letting me chose though.


P.S. There’s no place like home!

The Dream Giver

It was a cold, misty night. Clouds littered the sky and stars were strewn across the black canvas. An eerie fog had settled over the town. Moonlight cascaded down onto the old, cobbled streets breaking through the darkness while a faint wind brushed past the houses. As the clock struck midnight, a man turned in his sleep. All now lay motionless. There was a chill in the frosty night air.Through the streets, flew a single soul. The Dream Giver. Feeling exhausted, he perched cautiously on the ledge of a window. His thin, scraggly hand rested on the shutters. The dream giver pulled them open, checked all the children were asleep, opened his address book and compared. 2655 Kensington Avenue. His last home to do duty for that night.                                                                                                      Carefully, he placed his knapsack on a bed. The eggs inside, which were radiating light, seemed to rush around, finally free of their confinement. The stick-like, spindly -legged man glanced quickly around the room and spotted a pair of ballet shoes lying on a girl’s bed. He pushed his fingers into the egg cracking it open and then listening with satisfaction at the whispers of the velvety liquid getting ready to work their magic. The dream giver dropped a dose onto the ballet shoes and watched through his magical goggles as a liquid ballerina danced across the bed. As it reached the girl’s head, she sighed contently with pleasure. One by one, the eggs disappeared providing more and more dreams.                                                     As a boy rolled over, he kicked an egg. It fell off his bed and hit his ‘Shadow Serpent’ book. POW! BOOM! Golden fluid sped across the book, consuming every page with its liquidy grasp. The dream giver bent over the book and was quickly knocked out by the torrent of wind that sprung up from the books hidden depths. An astronaut from the boy’s dream was sucked in down and down into the heart of the story.He lay there calm and motionless surrounded by beautiful trees and butterflies while the sun beated down on him. after looking around for a second time however, he realised of a war. Stone statues and skeletons were littered around He cautiously approached a dark stone mouth. Resting on a mini totem,  he watched as it crumbled away before him.                                        Yellow slits appeared out of the darkness. The astronaut ran. He ran all the way to the edge of a cliff. ROAR! Meanwhile, back in reality, the dream giver awoke. He rushed over to the book, turned the pages to see what was happening and jumped into the book.                                                                              Flying down from the sky, he threw his eggs at Chantico’s body. A huge tree began to sprout where the eggs had fallen and encompass the shadow serpent, overpowering it. Waking with a start, the boy lent down, picked up his book and looked at the new pictures, which were somehow, so similar to his dream. Suddenly, he heard a flutter of wings.

The Dream Giver was gone.

How To Look After A Bubblelue

Do you unfortunately have to babysit a Bubblelue? Don’t be fooled by cute name, it’s deadly. As long as you do all of these steps correctly, everything will be fine.


-Bucket full of green slime

-A brush to brush it with


-First, in the morning feed it half a kilogram of purple and blue slime and no more. If you feed it more than that, it will get very angry.

-Before you put it to bed, make sure you that you brush it. If you don’t then you will have clumps of fur on your carpet.


-Never talk/shout loudly around them.

-If it wants to be on its own, leave it alone.

Now you know how to look after a Bubblelue!!!

The Woods – Homework

Scanning my surroundings, I heard millions of crickets around me. Trees swayed in the howling wind as a shiver ran up my spine. A eerie aroma filled the air. I didn’t like this place at all. The trees looked like hands about to grab me and faces that stared at me. I had to get out. The creaky bench I sat on started to shake as I got off of it. The discusting smell was still there but even worse. It was like all the horrible smells combined into one. Just as I got up, a huge lightning blot belted down next to me. Running as fast as I could I finally stopped. But outside a graveyard…was this my fate?

Homework litrecey from Zoyah



 I am very sad that no one belived me about the light the spaceship and the strange light.The doctor said I had an amnseia with shock I dont know what it even means.I wish they had belived me.

From Tom

How to Use Shiny Black Pebbles (Homework)

I expect that you have been wondering what the shiny black stones do in the story ‘Alien Abduction’. Well wonder no more as here is a set of in instructions on how to use these mystical stones

What you need:

  • An alien spaceship
  • Three shiny black stones

What you do:

First, enter the alien spaceship with the shiny black stones and locate and enter the control room.      Next, Place the stones in the compartment which is in the far corner of the room.                                    Penultimately, reach the front of the control room and type in the place you would like to go to and press the button which says pilotless.                                                                                                                   Finally, sit  back and relax as you fly to your destination.




Diary Entry – Homework

Dear diary,                      3rd June

Today something extraordinary happened! Let me explain:

Me and Tom where fishing as we normally do when we saw a strange light flickering next to what looked like a spaceship! But that’s not all. As soon as the light started flickering, a mysterious black shadow began to appear. Being the curious boys we are, we crept closer it investigate. We must’ve become unconscious because the next thing we could remember is us laying under a tree that was half a mile away from where we were last! We were shivering and Tom even said that I was sucking my thumb! When we went to bed that night, I found them, to shiny black pebbles. But the creepy thing is, when we rubbed them together they started to glow! After we witnessed that, we knew it had to be alians! No one believed us. Not even the police. The doctor said it was probably amnesia. Despite knowing that it could be amnesia, we were sure it was alians…

The Dazzling City of Fratsia

The mystical city sat in  the most unusual place you would expect. You would imagine it in London or perhaps Tokyo, but actually it sat at the edge of the tundra. The fog that covered the surrounding foliage made it look like something out of Tinkerbell and yet this was not fiction because it was a real city . The roads that jolted out of the surrounding sea,acting as a lifeline to the city’s many villagers. But one day something terrible happened. The bridges started to fall into the fast flowing sea and all of the nearby trees were black after what must of been a colossal fire. But the thing that shocked everyone was that it wasn’t mother natures fault because it was a dragon! Shockingly, just one week later it had returned to normal even the roads had been replaced!! But still to this very day the villagers are still terrified that the dragon may come back…        

At the Waters Edge – Homework

Waves crashed against my ankles as I gazed out to sea. I hadn’t noticed the small girl-like figure standing by the rocks until I heard a faint noise coming from there. She wasn’t doing anything, just stood, frozen-like in the middle of the water. She was quite pale too. I considered going out to see if she was ok, but something pulled me back. Like there was something dangerous about her. After a while, I decided to go back to the car and drive home.

Once I got into the car, I immediately turned on the radio. An ear-piercing screech filled the car. I couldn’t do anything but scramble out of the car while holding my ears. Was it the radio? Or was it my imagination? As soon as I got out the car, it stopped. I was afraid that if I went back in, it would start again. Sitting on a rock, I sighed to myself. Filling up with courage, I sat back in my car and turned on the engine. Nothing happened. I took my keys out and put them back in again. Once again, nothing happened. By this point I was about to burst with frustration and just walk home. Why was everything going wrong? I tried one more time. Amazingly, it actually worked! Driving down the road, I decided to turn my radio back on. Luckily, there was no screeching. Half way home I started to feel normal again. But then something bad happened. Just as I was about to go round a empty roundabout, my car stopped. Right in the middle of the road. Without thinking, I ran out of the car and on the pavement. All I could think of was that girl in the water.

mode,median,mode and range rhyme.

Here is a fun rhyme to help you remember the 3 m’s and the R.

Hey diddle didddle the medians the middle.

You add then divide for the mean.

The mode is the one you see the most,

and the range is the difference between.

Moving Away – Homework

Moving Away

Dear diary,                                                                                                         Friday 27th March 2015

Tomorrow we are moving house. I really don’t want to although I know that I have to go. I just don’t want to be without my friends. Also I don’t want to move schools because I won’t know anyone there! I wish there was a way to change my parents minds about moving. But there is a good thing about moving. We’re moving to the beautiful country side!

Dear diary,                                                                                         Sunday 29th March 2015

So we have moved now. Saying goodbye to my friends was the hardest part. I don’t know what I’m going to do without them. I suppose I could try to make new ones but I’m not very good at that. It turns out that I actually like my new house more than my old one! Its got a huge garden and mum and dad even said that I can get a small pool in the summer! Also, I have a massive room! Moving house wasn’t that bad after all. I shouldn’t have been so worried at the start because it all turned out ok at the end!

Dark Dark

In the creepy, mysterious town sat a gloomy, black street . In the gloomy, black street there stood a lonely, friendless house . In the lonely, friendless house lay a bright, huge hall . In the bright, huge hall lurked a golden, square chest . In the golden, square chest awaited a diamond ring . All of a sudden, the ring vanished !

The Dark Ages by JonasDeRo

Mook the Giraffe Story.

Mook was no ordinary giraffe. He got bullied at school for being small and short-necked. He hated school. He wished that he was just a normal giraffe like all of his classmates.

But one night, an extraordinary night, something special happened. Something that would change Mook’s little life forever. A gift. It will stop him being bullied forever and will no longer be different!

The night that I was talking about was Easter-eve.


He was led in his bed when he heard something downstairs. He first thought was that it was a burglar but as he tiptoed down the stairs, it was clear that it wasn’t.

A yellow-ish rabbit ran around Mook’s living-room. It must have been the Easter Bunny!

He couldn’t believe what he saw. Worried that he would catch him, Mook ran upstairs and got in bed. Although he couldn’t actually get to sleep. He waited for the time to pass by texting is one and only friend, Shelby, the turtle.                                                                             Hi Shelby, you’ll never guess what i just saw, the easter bunny!

Shelby replied around ten minute after:

Your lying!

No I’m not! I really saw it.

Unfortunately, after that, they had a argument and ended up not friends! Upset, Mook thought about weather or not he should look again. He decided to go downstairs. And there it was, again. The Easter Bunny!

Feeling brave, Mook slowly entered the living room. ”Umm…. Hello?” Mook whispered. As quick as a flash the bunny turned round to look at Mook…..
                                                                                  What should he do?

The Dark Dark…

Located in the core of the old, rusty door, stood a dusty, creaky wardrobe. Through the dusty, creaky wardrobe sat a large, swirling portal. Inside the large, swirling portal, lay a bright and snowy land. The bright and snowy land housed a mean, cruel queen. When the mean, cruel queen was killed, all the snow disappeared.

In the dark,dark……….

In the middle of the dark, dark universe there floated a dark and gloomy earth. Inside the dark and gloomy earth there lay a dark, dark country. In the centre of the dark, dark country sat a dark and little city. Beside the dark and little city, there was a dark and idle street. On the dark and idle street there sat a dark, dark house. Underneath the dark, dark house lay a dark, dark cellar. Inside the dark, dark cellar lay an old and rusty safe. Inside the old and rusty safe sat a golden key!!!At that moment, the key moved out of the safe!!!!